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  We fast response as well as reliable and affordable pest control service in Rogers, AR and the surrounding areas. Simply put, we are the best Pest Control Service and Pest Control Company in Bentonville and Rogers!

Pest Control

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Bentonville Pest Control is a top residential and commercial exterminator throughout Bentonville and Rogers when it comes to your pest control needs.

We offer a wide variety of services which are highly effective on the native bugs, pests and insects that cause us problems here in the Rogers area. Pests are tough to control and come in many different sizes and shapes and even risk levels. Most don’t pose an immediate threat such as ants, cockroaches, flies and stink bugs.

​However here in Bentonville we do have a number of species such as termites, Hobo Spiders, Rattle Snakes, Wasps and Hornets, just to name a few. These species do pose a possible threat to your loved ones, your assets and yourself.

Have no fear we have pest control and pest prevention for all these suckers and more. No matter if your pest problems are big or small, Pest Control Service Rogers solves them all!

We work everyday to be the Best Pest Control Service in Bentonville!

Bentonville, AR is the fastest growing city in northwest Arkansas. Despite its size, Bentonville Pest Control Service has been your friendly local exterminator in Bentonville for years. Arkansas is where we started out and we make sure that each of our pest control professionals is local so that you get prompt, friendly, neighborly service. We strive every day to be the first choice exterminators Bentonville and Rogers residents and business owners turn to for their pest control needs.

Our pest control specialists can help with common Bentonville pests like cockroaches and bed bugs, or other problems like spiders, scorpions, fleas and ticks or other pests.

Call us at 479-856-3196 to schedule an appointment.

Bentonville Pest Control specializes in one thing: COMPLETE PEST CONTROL SATISFACTION.
In order to provide the best Rogers pest control services available to businesses and residences, we keep up to date with modern techniques, new developments, and product effectiveness.
The result: We know how to effectively end your pest infestations of 23 different kinds of property-invading animals.
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Our Pest and Termite Control Practices
Our family-owned pest control company has operated near Bentonville for years, and we work under only the most professional standards. On our first appointment, we’ll appraise the pest situation on your property and provide a free consultation about the treatments, safety steps, and expected results. We’ll answer all your questions about the products and alternatives, as well as explaining how our Quality Assurance team works to ensure you get what you paid for: speedy control over your pest problem.
Choose us as your exterminator and watch your pest problems go away.
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Contact Us today if any of the insects or animals featured in our pest library are affecting your home or business. If you need emergency service, we offer Same Day and Next Day priority. Once we arrive, we’ll give you a no-risk, free evaluation to help you make the right choice.
Specialty and General Pest Control
We specialize in 23 different kinds of pest, and we’re also qualified to handle a much wider range of pest control needs. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered in our pest library, be sure to contact us for information about what services we offer for your particular needs.


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We’re the best pest control company in Rogers.  We provide fast response as well as a reliable and affordable pest control service. Simply put, we are the best Pest Control in Bentonville.

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We understand that there are few problems you are facing that are as frustrating and interruptive like fighting cockroaches. You don’t need to call for the wrong pest service. We remember when we were in your situation we’re stuck and call for the wrong one. They told us that they will assist us but it takes too long. In the end, no one assists us they keep us waiting for three hours. You don’t need to be like us. Call us! And we’ll get those pests taken care of.

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