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Why is Bentonville Pest Control the best Rogers pest control company?
Quality Assurance Oversight
Unlike most of the pest control competitors in this price bracket for the greater Rogers area, we are truly professional and are one of the best Bentonville pest control company. Our Quality Assurance Team oversees every contract to make sure that every job is done to the customer’s satisfaction using only the most thorough and professional procedures.
Ongoing Training for our Pest Control Technicians
We don’t believe in shortcuts or quick fixes, and we don’t cut any corners in customer safety, professional appearance, or ongoing training. In order to always get the best results for every customer we serve, our technicians stay informed and educated about products, strategies, and changes in the pest population.
Fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
When you call a pest control company, you need to know that you’re dealing with a company that adheres to legal and ethical standards. We are bonded and insured. In short, we are among the best and brightest experts of our industry, and are deeply involved and vested in ensuring quality pest control for this region.
Locally-Owned Family Company
Bentonville Pest Control services was built locally and remains a family-operated business to this day. When you call us, you’re speaking to people who live, work and play in the greater Rogers area. Like many of you, we’ve dealt with the Arkansas pest population a long time. Our continuous training and education, coupled with our all-local operation, makes us uniquely qualified to serve you best.
We Care About Your Pest Infestation
Your home or business property is your biggest physical investment. There’s nothing worse than watching it be overrun by annoying or dangerous creatures that scare away guests, damage your property, or put you at risk. We take pride in a job well done, and we want you to feel relief. We know of only one way to give you the results you deserve: by operating the most professional and thorough pest control service in the northwest Arkansas region.

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