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Please remember that we are here to serve you. This is only a list of the services that we provide most frequently. It’s not a list of the only services that we offer. If you need help, call us and we’ll be there for you.

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Take a look at the services we offer, and the key incentives for you to choose Bentonville Pest Control services over the competition.
FREE Pest Infestation Evaluation
Before we conquer your pest problem, we’ll come and see it with our own eyes. You’ll show us what you’ve discovered, and we’ll use our expert knowledge to track down the problem behind the problem and uncover the real root of your pest infestation. Before you sign any contract, we’ll make you aware of our methods, expected time line for results, and answer all your questions. Restrictions apply.
One-Time Extermination
Although this is not the best choice for a true infestation, we offer many one-visit solutions for controlling the pest population on your work or home premises. If you simply can’t authorize an ongoing pest control maintenance package, even at the most reasonable prices, we’ll do everything in our power to relieve your pest problem.
Monthly Maintenance Pest Control
Your best choice for long-term freedom against pest infestation is to sign up for one of our affordable monthly pest control contracts. Available for homes and businesses, this service will keep your family safe, your customers comfortable, and your property free of the damages that rampant pest problems can cause.
Full Service Pest Removal
Just because we only specialize in 22 different kinds of annoying and dangerous pests, doesn’t mean we can’t help you with dead animals, birds nests, and more. We offer all the pest control services you could want. Just contact us for information and to schedule a free evaluation.
Competitive Prices
Our one-time and ongoing rates, even our emergency Same Day / Next Day pest control appointment services, are offered at low prices that are hard to find in this area.
Your Key Incentives for Choosing Bentonville Pest Control
  •   Full oversight by our Quality Assurance team.
  •   Complete, ongoing training for our entire team.
  •   Fully licensed, insured, and bonded.
  •   Locally-owned family company.
Read more to learn how the points above help ensure the best results for your pest control needs.

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